• The Arcueil Property
    Located in the “Vache Noire” district, an urban redevelopment sector in the inner southern suburbs of Paris, the asset is fully let to Orange Group (mobile division of France Telecom) with a long term lease until December 31st 2021. It was built in 1969 as a turnkey project for France Telecom with an H layout. The building houses the support functions of the Orange Group including the Information Systems management. It was the first and original building of the “Orange Village” comprising 6 buildings in Arcueil.
  • The Bad Homburg Property
    The subject property is a single building with five storeys plus three underground levels. The building was constructed in 2004. It has one main entrance, and the office areas could be subdivided into 3 units per floor. The property offers views of the Frankfurt skyline. Altogether the building comprises 109,103 sq.ft of lettable area. This lettable area provides 77,662 sq.ft offices, and 31,441 sq.ft of other space (storage, common area, terrace). There are altogether 207 parking spaces in the underground parking garage and in front of the building. The building is in a good condition.
  • The Baldi Property
    The property, located at the address municipally known as 44/50 Avenue du Capitaine Glarner, 93400 Saint-Ouen, France, was constructed in 1991, and is comprised of 155,259 square feet (14,424 square meters) of GLA, of which 94,708 square feet (61%) is office space and 60,551 square feet (39%) is mixed use area.
  • The Duisburg Property
    The Duisburg property is located at the address municipally known as Schifferstraße 80, 47059 Duisburg Germany, and is a eight storey building constructed in 2007. The building is comprised of 217,915 sq.ft of lettable area, of which 205,300 sq.ft are of office use.
  • The Dubonnet Property
    The property, located at the address municipally known as 19-21 avenue Dubonnet, 92400 Courbevoie, France (the “Dubonnet Property”), was constructed in 1970 and is comprised of a 96,111 square foot (8,929 square metre) building predominantly consisting of office space, with a small amount of retail space that is leased to a private child care centre.
  • The Sablière Property
    The property, located at the address municipally known as 27-29 rue de la Sablière, 75014 Paris, France, was constructed in 1985, and is comprised of a 41,043 square foot (3,813 square meter) building. The six-storey building with two underground levels is situated in the region of Ile de France, in the 14th district of Paris
  • The TRIO property
    The property consists of three office buildings constructed in 2007, developping a total 193,487 sq.ft. office area, with a modern front made of nature stone. Via a well developed public transportation system, the property is well integrated with the city of Frankfurt and the airport.
  • The Isenburg property
    The property, built in 2013, is located in Neu-Isenburg, a central submarket location and in direct vicinity to Frankfurt airport and the city of Frankfurt. With the highest certification for LEED Gold certification, it is built on a ground floor and 6 floors, a 6 underground parking, completed with an underground parking that is connected to the building by an underground passage.
  • The Kösching property
    The new property complex, delivered in November 2017, consists of three buildings for office, laboratory and parking use. It develops a total rental space of 53,058 square foot (9,858 square metre) together with 309 parking units. The complex benefits from modern and self-sustaining buildings with a reinforced concrete structure and flat roofs. The property is fully let to an automotive company, on a 10-year lease expiring in November 2027.
  • The Stuttgart property
    Located in Stuttgart, directly located at motorway with easy access to multimodal transportation links including Stuttgart Airport. The property was built in 1994 and refurbished in 2014, consist of modern office building with a total of five above-ground floors and two underground floors.
  • The Delizy property
    Located at 41 rue Délizy, in Pantin, a northeastern suburb of Paris in the Seine-Saint-Denis (93) department. Modern and sustainable office building with great tenant diversification. The property, held freehold, features two buildings, constructed in 1992, with two basements floors, a ground floor providing office and staff canteen and nine upper floors accommodations.
  • The Gaia property
    The Gaïa property is a 5-floor, 119,499 sq.ft. office building built in 2014, in the immediate vicinity of La Defense, one of Europe's largest business centers, near Paris.. This recent building is still under ten-year completion warranty and offersi a good mix of creditworthy tenants with long-term leases. The Gaïa has many compelling features, including a spacious and modern lobby, bright office spaces and elevated private terraces offering unique views of the Mont Valérien. The Gaïa has received dual High Environmental Quality (HQE) and BBC Effinergie (Low-energy Building) certifications, confirming its high energy efficiency.
  • The Delgado property
    The Delgado property is comprised of two connected office buildings in Alcobendas, north of Madrid. The high-quality, modern office buildings, with approximately 120,000 sq.ft. of leasable space, are fully let to two blue-chip tenants from the aeronautical sector. It was built in 2001 and was recently refurbished.in 2020.
  • The Metropolitain property
    Located in the Central Business District of Paris, the building is elevated on a basement, a ground floor and seven upper floors.



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